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Most automotive engines burn an average of only 85% of the fuel that passes through them. The rest is lost in the form of unburned hydrocarbons resulting in less energy, lower MPG and increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Mileage Maxx patented formula allows the unused hydrocarbons that would otherwise become pollutants to be cleanly burned.  This means more power from the same amount of fuel, increased MPG and lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Cleans deposits from fuel tanks, lines, injectors, valves, and piston rings and keeps them clean with continuous use bringing engine back to “like new” performance.

  • Improved sealing of valves and piston rings reduces blow-by and improves performance and fuel economy.
  • Improves injector spray pattern to facilitate improved atomization
  • Reduces Operating and Maintenance Costs: A cleaner engine lasts longer and runs better.
  • Eliminates EGR valve fouling and reduces diesel particulate filter (DPF) regenerations saving time, money, and increasing DPF life.


Improves Combustion by reducing fuel surface tension and introducing additional oxygen to the combustion process.

  • Reduced surface tension allows better atomization so more of the fuel molecule to exposed to oxygen during the combustion process
  • Oxygenates enable a more complete fuel burn providing better fuel economy and more power.
  • The improved combustion reduces hazardous emissions and particulate matter (PM) through a more controlled and complete combustion process.


Lubricates pumps, valves, injectors, and piston rings.

  • Replaces lost lubrication of ULSD and improves the performance and extends the life of pumps and injectors, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Provides a best in class lubricity rating of 380 HFRR when mixed with 15 ppm ULSD
  • Increased Lubrication to the upper cylinder area, valves and top rings reduces blow-by thus improving efficiency and reducing oil contamination and dilution


Conditions fuel by absorbing water which allows it to be carried through the combustion process.

  • Resolves algae and sludge issues, making Mileage Maxx™ one of the best algae and sludge solutions on the market today
  • Emulsifies water and suspends it allowing it to exit the fuel system through combustion instead of accumulating
  • Keeps fuel tanks and lines from rusting out
  • Eliminates fuel line freeze during cold weather
  • Protects and conditions bulk tank storage


Improves Cold Flow by removing water and obstructing the linking and gelling of waxes in diesel fuel to protect your equipment down to 10°F

  • Promotes easier starting in diesel and gasoline applications
  • Works in conjunction with diesel anti-gel additives to improve their effectiveness for below zero operation


Stabilizes fuel allowing it to stay fresh over an off season, protecting against corrosion, water issues, and wax and varnish deposits

  • Promotes molecular balance in the fuel and makes it shelf and tank stable, thus enhancing the oxidation stability of straight diesel, biodiesel blends, gasoline and gasoline ethanol blends
  • Controls water accumulation during storage
  • Easier starting after storage